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May 08 2024

The connection between facade design and interior light quality

The facade, the exterior “skin” of a building, plays a critical role in determining more than just its aesthetics. A facade design can impact the interior lighting. Some designs maximize natural light penetration, while others minimize sunlight. Here, we explore …

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May 07 2024

The role of building facades in noise reduction

Noise pollution is a major issue, especially in urban areas with significant traffic and constant ambient noise. In these environments, building facades can play a crucial role in reducing noise and creating quieter indoor spaces. Here, we explore some of …

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May 06 2024

Impact of curtain walls on indoor environmental quality

Curtain walls, one of the popular glass facades of modern buildings, offer undeniable aesthetic appeal. They significantly elevate a structure’s look. But beyond aesthetics, curtain walls with their expansive glass design play a vital role in maximizing natural light penetration …

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Apr 04 2024

Why is wind load important in façade engineering? Useful insights by one of the leading facade manufacturers in India

Facade engineering considers several factors to increase a facade’s durability, energy efficiency, and overall structural integrity. Wind load is one of these important factors, as strong winds can put a lot of stress on a building’s exterior, and a poorly …

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Apr 03 2024

FAQs on customizable facade

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have building exteriors that can align with your vision? Well, with customizable facades you can turn your imagination into reality. Customizable facades offer vast design options for building owners. With …

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