How to waterproof skylights: Tips and best practices

How to waterproof skylights: Tips and best practices


Skylights add beauty and natural light to any space. But to keep them working well and prevent damage, proper waterproofing is essential. However, to fully enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of skylights, proper waterproofing is crucial. Without it, you have to deal with severe structural damage and costly repairs.

Ensuring that your skylights are properly waterproofed will protect your investment. It will also maintain the beauty of your space and guarantee long-lasting performance. Here, we share essential tips and best practices for effectively waterproofing your skylight roof :


The most important part of skylight waterproofing is flashing. This involves installing a sheet of metal to channel water away from the junction of the skylight and the roof. Flashing must be done correctly, following specific guidelines from the skylight manufacturer. Depending on the materials and roof pitches, various types of flashing can be used. After installation, regular inspections are important to identify rust, damage, or other issues with the flashing. Without regular inspections, leaks may go unnoticed.


Using a high-quality sealant that is appropriate for skylight frames can help ensure a watertight barrier. The chosen sealant must also be compatible with the roofing material. Over time, the sealant can start to crack and lose its adhesive strength. Regular inspections can help identify issues with the sealant.

Self-adhered Underlayment

Another layer of protection against water damage is a self-adhesive underlayment. It is installed right underneath the flashing as an additional measure to prevent leakages.

Strategic Placement

The placement of the skylight can also play a role in its waterproofing. Avoid areas with extreme wind exposure. Also, skylights should not be installed in places where there is a risk of debris accumulation, as such factors can increase the chances of leaks.

Maintenance Matters

Regular cleaning is necessary to remove dirt, debris, and leaves that can clog drainage channels and lead to leaks. The skylight should also be inspected for signs of damage or wear at regular intervals. Quickly addressing these issues can minimize the potential for damage.

Seek Professional Help When Uncertain:

When uncertain about the waterproofing of skylights, consult a professional roofer. They can identify any issues with the skylight. They can also offer effective solutions to maintain protection against water infiltration.

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