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The role of building facades in noise reduction


Noise pollution is a major issue, especially in urban areas with significant traffic and constant ambient noise. In these environments, building facades can play a crucial role in reducing noise and creating quieter indoor spaces. Here, we explore some of …

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Why is wind load important in façade engineering? Useful insights by one of the leading facade manufacturers in India


Facade engineering considers several factors to increase a facade’s durability, energy efficiency, and overall structural integrity. Wind load is one of these important factors, as strong winds can put a lot of stress on a building’s exterior, and a poorly …

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Planning to install a skylight roof? Check these insights on the importance of biophilic design


Biophilic design blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. They promote a connection with nature by seamlessly integrating natural elements into architectural spaces. Skylight roofs are a prime example of this approach. They not only enhance the aesthetics of a …

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FAQs on glass canopies


Glass canopies are special architectural elements that can be semi-transparent or completely transparent. These canopies are installed above and may be supported by metal or glass frames. They allow natural light to pass through freely, creating brighter spaces underneath. As …

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Façade solutions for weather protection: Check these useful insights by one of the leading facade companies in India


From scorching sunlight to heavy rains, adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on a building’s exterior. A façade acts as the building’s first line of defense, safeguarding it from harsh weather conditions and ensuring its longevity. Hence, it’s important to …

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Looking for facade design ideas? Explore these facade systems by Aparna-Craft


A well-designed facade not only creates a lasting impression but also incorporates functional elements such as lighting, ventilation, and energy efficiency. By merging form with function, the facade can make a building both visually appealing and environmentally sustainable. With the …

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