Types and Features of Glass Façades: Elevating Modern Architecture

Types and Features of Glass Façades: Elevating Modern Architecture


Discover the transformative power of glass façade design in modern architecture. With the combined expertise of Aparna Group and Craft Holdings Ltd, Aparna-Craft is revolutionizing the façade industry by introducing innovative glass façade solutions.

Use of Glass Façades in Modern Building Design

The use of glass façades in buildings has become a symbol of modern architecture. These designs offer not only stunning aesthetics but also practical benefits such as natural lighting and energy efficiency.

Types of Glass Façades

1. Stick System Façades

This traditional glass façade design involves inserting glass panels into a supportive grid. It’s a classic choice for many glass façade buildings, offering reliability and ease of installation, saving time and effort.

2. Unitized System Façades

Unitized systems represent a leap in façade glass types, being pre-assembled for efficient installation. This method ensures consistency and quality in glass façade buildings.

3. Point-Fixed (Structural Glazing) Façades

The point-fixed method is a marvel in glass façade design, providing a frameless, sleek appearance. This type of façade glass gives buildings a cutting-edge, modern look.

4. Double-Skin Façades

A pinnacle in glass façade texture and functionality, the double-skin façade boasts two layers of glass. This innovative approach enhances thermal and acoustic insulation, setting new standards in energy-efficient building design.

Features and Benefits of Different Glass Façades

Each glass façade design offers unique benefits. From the aesthetic elegance of point-fixed façades to the energy-saving features of double-skin designs, there’s a solution for every need.

Aparna-Craft’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Aparna-Craft leads the way in introducing façade glass types that blend aesthetics, sustainability, and innovation. Our commitment is to deliver not just a product but a lasting impression.

Choosing the Right Glass Façade for Your Project

For builders and architects, selecting the right glass façade is  important. Aparna-Craft provides expert consultation to help you choose the perfect façade solution for your project.


The right glass façade can redefine a building’s identity. Trust Aparna-Craft to bring your architectural vision to life with our world-class façade solutions.

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