Looking for facade design ideas? Explore these facade systems by Aparna-Craft

Looking for facade design ideas? Explore these facade systems by Aparna-Craft

Mar 05, 2024

A well-designed facade not only creates a lasting impression but also incorporates functional elements such as lighting, ventilation, and energy efficiency. By merging form with function, the facade can make a building both visually appealing and environmentally sustainable. With the advancement of innovative materials and technologies, there are now endless possibilities for facade designs. Here, we share some of our facade design ideas and systems.

  1. Curtain walls

A curtain wall is a frame made of aluminum that is used to hold glass, panels, shades, or sometimes granite or marble. By combining window and spandrel framing into a single system, the curtain wall creates a continuous, uninterrupted look across multiple levels. The key advantage of curtain walls lies in their non-structural nature. They hang independently from the building’s main structure. This means that architects and designers can create buildings with larger, more elaborate facades without compromising the integrity of the structure.

  1. Suspended glass assemblies

Load-absorbing adhesives are used to install high-precision and large-format glass elements into buildings. Such installations are commonly seen in glass floors, glass walls and partitions, frameless glass roofs and rooflights, shower enclosures, glass facades, and canopies.

  1. Skylights

Skylights have become a preferred architectural choice for homeowners and businesses alike, as they offer a unique way to showcase the personality of a space. Our skylights are constructed with aluminum cladding and glass, which not only improve the visual appeal of a building, but also provide practical benefits. The design of the skylights ensures that maximum natural light is let in, while ensuring that the aesthetic display is not compromised. Also, skylights can have significant long-term sustainability and ventilation benefits, making them a wise investment for any property owner.

  1. Canopies

We provide a diverse range of canopy designs that help elevate the visual appeal of a building. The canopies are designed to meet American and European standards. They are also incredibly durable and require almost zero maintenance. The designs are recyclable, which means that they add to the sustainability of the building. We also offer the canopies in various colors to align with the overall aesthetics of a building.

Looking for information on visually appealing and functional building exterior design ideas?

Explore our facade systems. We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to the shape, size, materials, colors and coatings. We can transform even the most complex facade designs into reality. Our facades feature enhanced durability and quality. All of our facade solutions have standardized thickness and they are lightweight. This ensures a long lifespan and easier workability. We offer certified wind load performance and certified fire performance for the facades. These features ensure safety for the buildings, as well as their occupants.