We are your single source solution in façades, aluminium windows, doors & exterior solutions, and also promise to deliver on-time, on-budget project completion. From design to installation to everything in between, we guarantee a smooth, hassle-free process leading to world-class façades & exteriors.

1. Design

Aparna-Craft utilises Craft’s in-house design team which is internationally recognised for innovation, quality and aesthetics. The team utilises the latest design tools including 3D software and 3D printing to build models for design review and rationalisation. Our inspiration comes from our collaborations with the world’s leading architects.

2. Engineering

A team of experienced engineers have been equipped to take on all design development including structural, thermal, and acoustic engineering calculations. Key design details are considered and adherence to local codes of practice and material specifications are guaranteed throughout the entire development stage.

3. Procurement

At Aparna-Craft quality is valued above all and rigorous quality control procedures are implemented at every phase of the supply chain. Our experienced procurement team has access to a comprehensive range of finishes and materials, all specifically selected to meet the requirements outlined by the design and engineering.

4. Manufacturing

Aparna-Craft utilises specialised production facilities equipped with state-of-art machinery operated by skilled technicians to ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the machining, assembly, packing and shipping process.

5. Distribution

The current range of Aparna-Craft Façade systems, ranging from high-end residential window systems to fully developed bespoken Curtain Wall systems, are targeted at specific market segments and as such the project execution will be based on the specific needs of the actual contract.

6. Installation

Aparna-Craft offers construction project management and installation services as part of the overall project approach, this is to ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained during the entire supply process. It is our firm believe that by increasing the focus on all aspects of the procedure, in particular the installation phase, at a very early stage in the design process, the highest levels of quality of the final product can be guaranteed.