Impact of curtain walls on indoor environmental quality

Impact of curtain walls on indoor environmental quality

May 06, 2024

Curtain walls, one of the popular glass facades of modern buildings, offer undeniable aesthetic appeal. They significantly elevate a structure’s look. But beyond aesthetics, curtain walls with their expansive glass design play a vital role in maximizing natural light penetration and ventilation for indoor spaces. Let’s explore some of the benefits curtain wall systems bring to indoor environments.

  • Natural Light and Views: Curtain walls, with their large glass expanses, maximize natural light entering the building. This abundant natural light allows occupants to reduce reliance on artificial lights, which can lead to reduced utility bills. Also, exposure to natural light can improve productivity, foster a better mood, and regulate circadian rhythm for better sleep.

Important note: Curtain walls, which often cover large areas of a building’s exterior, can have challenges related to heat gain and energy efficiency. Hence, implementing solar control measures is important. Some of the effective ways to do so include:

  • Reflective coatings on curtain walls help in controlling the solar heat gain within a building. By reflecting a portion of the incoming solar radiation, these coatings minimize the heat absorbed by the building, which can significantly reduce the load on air conditioning systems and lower energy costs.
  • Low-emissivity glass allows visible light to pass through but filters infrared radiation from sunlight, keeping indoor areas cooler. These coatings also reduce the glare experienced inside the building, improving comfort for occupants. By reflecting sunlight, the interior environment gets a consistent light level that is easier on the eyes and ideal for workplaces
  • Shading Devices: Louvers or fins integrated into the facade further regulate glare and sunlight penetration.
  • Improved Ventilation:

Innovative curtain wall solutions can incorporate openable windows within the facade. This allows fresh air from outside to enter. It offers several benefits:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Fresh air helps dilute air pollutants in the interior space, creating a healthier environment.
  • Reduced Reliance on Mechanical Systems: Natural ventilation can partially replace mechanical ventilation systems. They can lower utility expenses and create comfortable indoor environments naturally.

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